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Share products and earn money! Promote the things you're selling or any other items you like from our awesome selection of gift ideas to start earning money.
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Sign up for a bittopper affiliate account.
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Share items with your unique affiliate URL links.
  • Learn MoreYour affiliate code will be automatically included with the items share buttons. Plus you
    can share the items with your email lists or even add the bittopper links to your
    website(s) or blog(s).
Step 3
Get paid.
  • Learn MoreSimply share items and drive traffic to bittopper. Track your views in real time from your affiliate tracking page. Earnings are calculated once every 24 hours. Usually at approximately 12:00am Eastern Standard Time.
  • Help drive more traffic to your product listings
  • New gift ideas added every day
  • No sales required to earn money as a bittopper affiliate
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